Creating a Solid User Interface: How to Guide Your Designer

WordCloud_UX There are plenty of stunning user interfaces out there – incorporating gorgeous photography, stunning fonts and fluid navigation.  But how well do they convert?  No one’s arguing against websites being art, but there comes a point where the urge to be creative overwhelms common sense –

And people simply leave.

So when choosing a designer, it pays to look beyond the flashy portfolio and consider how well their beautiful new mockup will actually convert.

With that in mind, how do you know that what they’re creating isn’t just a shiny object that’s better suited for a pedestal than a page?  There’s obvious a fine line between letting your designer flex their creative muscles and micromanaging them.

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App Design Basics: HTML5 vs. Native

App DesignThe mobile landscape offers both opportunity and challenge.

This year, nearly one-in-four people across the globe will be a smartphone user, according to a report by eMarketer. By 2017, smartphones will be in the hands of more than one-third of individuals around the world.

For many users, their mobile device is their primary instrument for digital activity and web browsing.

Clever businesses have adapted quickly to super-serve their audience by building mobile experiences tailored to their users’ needs. Of course, engineers – rightfully – still agonize and debate over how best to develop an app that will capture an audience’s attention and keep them engaged, and drive business and branding.

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5 Surprising Brands that Nail the Sweet Spot of Content Marketing

Content MarketingThis guest post is from Elli Bishop of

A  content marketing report reveals that nearly 90 percent of respondents believe content marketing will gain importance over the next year.

In an effort to motivate their audience to engage with their brand, many businesses are making sizable investments into their content marketing programs.

While some are reaping the reward of an impressive ROI, others are starching their heads wondering what went wrong. If you’re considering bumping up your content marketing budget, you need to read this first.

All the riches in the world won’t get you the engagement you’re looking for until you learn how to hit the sweet spot of content marketing: where SEO, public relations, and social media collide. By intertwining each of these channels’ goals with one another, you’ll create a synergistic effect that delivers a seamless message and earns unprecedented engagement.

Sounds tricky, but it’s not. In fact, we’ve dug up five dynamic content marketing campaigns that will teach you how it’s done.

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6 Examples of Next Gen Content Marketing

What Is UpThe competition for audience attention is fierce. In a free-form world, a thorough, multimedia approach allows you to attract customers using different mediums to develop unwavering loyalty.

For content marketers, it is time to think outside of title tags, subheaders, bullet points, and meaningful prose. As much as your audience loves your blog, a well-scripted podcast, carefully crafted video or interactive platform can easily get your fans thinking about your brand in an entirely different light.

As digital media and consumption habits evolve, content marketers, en masse, will look beyond text. Though most of the world can wait until the market forces mass adoption of a multimedia content marketing approach, we can collaborate to develop playbooks that insist on the use of multiple mediums. First, let us recognize brands which are already ahead of the curve so we may learn from their winning strategies.

Here are 6 examples of next generation content marketing:

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Essential Tips for Mobile Optimization

mobile (1)Marketers, designers and webmasters have been screaming it in your ear for a good year now:  mobile-responsive design is the way to go.

But maybe you have reasons for deciding not to switch.  Reasons you might even cling tightly to. Serious, practical reasons.  A mobile-first redesign can seem expensive. Is the existing site really so inconvenient? We can’t possibly have that many mobile users browsing our site.

As of this time last year, 61% of mobile subscribers owned a smartphone (as opposed to “just” a cell phone). That means they’re actively browsing, socializing, sharing, commenting, and most importantly buying.

And, with an eye on the future, it’s expected that 5 billion people will be using mobile phones by 2017.

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