7 Creative Ways to Work with Freelancers

For many organizations, the question of whether to hire a freelancer is driven by organizational necessity. As projects ebb and flow, you’ll probably encounterPuzzles a situation when you need additional hands on deck  — to add support to your team’s existing operations.  You may ask your HR team for guidance — perhaps, to open a job req for a permanent hire — and they may tell you “no” for the following reasons: there’s no budget, no long-term need, and no business justification to bringing another employee on board. You and your team may decide that your next best option is to venture out and hire a freelancer.

You may be at a position within your organization where there is no immediate use case for a freelancer. Perhaps you have a full-fledged creative team with a strong portfolio of writers, marketers, designers, illustrators. Being fully staffed, however, does not necessarily mean that the freelance ecosystem is irrelevant to your business. You may be able to find some creative use cases for hiring freelancers that directly enhance your operations. Here are 7 less-than-obvious reasons use cases to guide you:

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A Data-Driven Path to Navigating a Product Redesign

YeswareNote from Coworks: We are big fans of Yesware  (a sales acceleration tool for closing deals) and constantly use the tool in our own work. We noticed that the company recently launched a major overhaul of it’s core product and were wondering ‘what’s the main driver for this change?’ Here is the response that we received from Rui Jiang, Interaction Designer at Yesware:

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What Entrepreneurial Leaders Can Learn From Top Consultants

AwesomeIt isn’t easy running a startup; nor is it any easier to run an entrepreneurial team at a large company.

Consultants-turned-entrepreneurs Jackson Boyar and James Lu Morrissey know both stories well. Before co-founding international mentorship and cultural integration support network Shearwater, the two were Associates at global strategy consulting firm L.E.K. Consulting.

Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from management consultants who frequently encounter complex business issues, collaborate with different teams and take a structured approach to problem-solving.

Here are three important things they learned as consultants which prepared them to build their own business.

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A Crash Course to Hiring Freelancers

FreelancerAs the freelance economy continues to boom and the contingent workforce fights on, you may be finding yourself more and more inclined to hiring an expert to tackle a specific project. Any quick search on the internet will lead you to major freelancing network platforms, but on your journey to find the perfect fit for your project, you just might stall upon realizing the real scope of the freelance ecosystem. You’ll undoubtedly end up asking, where do I begin?

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Creating a Solid User Interface: How to Guide Your Designer

WordCloud_UX There are plenty of stunning user interfaces out there – incorporating gorgeous photography, stunning fonts and fluid navigation.  But how well do they convert?  No one’s arguing against websites being art, but there comes a point where the urge to be creative overwhelms common sense –

And people simply leave.

So when choosing a designer, it pays to look beyond the flashy portfolio and consider how well their beautiful new mockup will actually convert.

With that in mind, how do you know that what they’re creating isn’t just a shiny object that’s better suited for a pedestal than a page?  There’s obvious a fine line between letting your designer flex their creative muscles and micromanaging them.

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