5 Surprising Brands that Nail the Sweet Spot of Content Marketing

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5 Surprising Brands that Nail the Sweet Spot of Content Marketing

A content marketing report reveals that nearly 90 percent of respondents believe content marketing will gain importance over the next year.

In an effort to motivate their audience to engage with their brand, many businesses are making sizable investments into their content marketing programs.

While some are reaping the reward of an impressive ROI, others are starching their heads wondering what went wrong. If you’re considering bumping up your content marketing budget, you need to read this first.

All the riches in the world won’t get you the engagement you’re looking for until you learn how to hit the sweet spot of content marketing: where SEO, public relations, and social media collide. By intertwining each of these channels’ goals with one another, you’ll create a synergistic effect that delivers a seamless message and earns unprecedented engagement.

Sounds tricky, but it’s not. In fact, we’ve dug up five dynamic content marketing campaigns that will teach you how it’s done.

1. Zico

Zico’s unstoppable content marketing campaign transforms coconut water into a fully fascinating energy and hydration beverage.

Whether you’re exploring the Zico website, taking a peek at its social media or chilling with a video on its compelling YouTube channel, Zico never misses an opportunity to remind you that its high powered coconut drink is bursting with natural oomph.

Head to Zico’s Pinterest Account and you’ll discover delicious healthy product recipes, a “Zico Fans” board that encourages engagement and “Mantras that Motive” board offering encouraging words that beg to be shared. Killer infographics, endless sweepstakes and giveaways round out the reasons why Zico gets two thumbs up for successfully hooking readers.

The Takeaway: Zico does a marvelous job of exploiting social media. You’ll find the company has a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but it’s also generating buzz on Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. Each outlet is packed with fresh, cohesive and ultra-appealing content that never lets you forget what sets Zico apart from its competitors.

2. Safewise

The security industry isn’t exactly exciting. But SafeWise proves that a sound content marketing strategy can make even a lackluster topic unequivocally compelling. For example, take a peek at this engaging home security infographic that not only offers critical data about how to keep your home safe, it displays a countdown timer that shows just how fast a robber can strip your home of its valuables.

SafeWise’s interactive home security comparison tool and trustworthy reviews of leading home security systems are two more ways SafeWise uses content to engage with its target while offering valuable information. SafeWise also encourages interaction and generates amazing buzz with the hefty giveaways it offers for honest home security system reviews.

Finally, by developing content that touches on a wide range of security topics, not just those directly related to home security, SafeWise positions itself as a trusted security resource users are likely to visit again.

The Takeaway: Like SafeWise, your content should establish your company as an expert in its industry and do so in the most engaging way possible. Take advantage of several channels to publicize what your company is uniquely positioned to talk about and get creative with contests and graphics to ensure even the dullest topic is attention-grabbing.

3. Chobani

Chobani does a fantastic job of creating content to provide insight into the brand that’s likely to win them devoted followers. The high-end yogurt company’s website offers compelling product details and reveals a company’s culture that founded on philanthropy, both of which make people feel good about buying Chobani.

Chobani has a great website, but it hasn’t overlooked that fact that social media is queen. The Chobani Pinterest account is awesome. In addition to boards that range from crafts to baking with Chobani, the Pinterest account also offers boards that reinforce Chobani’s commitment to “doing good.”

The Takeaway: When you’re developing a content marketing campaign that nails the sweet spot, remember that your brand is not only about your product, it’s also about your company’s culture. Don’t hesitate to flaunt it.

4. Chipotle

Innovative, engaging and full of energy, Chipotle boasts a content marketing strategy enviable.

The Mexican grill that’s known for first-rate fast food, Chipotle uses content to educate their audience about the quality of their product and in doing so highlights their unique selling proposition. In fact, Chipotle dedicates a large portion of their website helping readers understand their “Food with Integrity” philosophy. Hop over to the Chipotle Facebook page and you’ll be treated to gripping videos that reinforce the Food with Integrity theme.

Chipotle also produces the Cultivate Festival, where “food, ideas and music” come together to spark conversations about sustainability and more.

The Takeaway: Thinking outside the box can strengthen the message of your content marketing campaign. You might not have the budget to put on a full fledge festival, but maybe your business can sponsor an event that is in line with your product or company values. In short, consider using unlikely channels to inspire your audience to engage with your brand.

5. CableTV

CableTV goes to great lengths to ensure its content is fresh, well optimized and shareworthy. In fact, CableTV is so much fun, that it’s easy to forget that the site is designed to help you tackle the humdrum task of finding a cable, satellite, or fiber provider.

For example, the CableTV blog is not only a source for the latest television news, it’s also is wholly entertaining and no doubt enjoys many daily readers. Plus, CableTV’s Facebook page is amusing, energizing and a fantastic source for up to the minute Hollywood happenings. CableTV promotes a variety of content that establishes them as a trusted source for all of your television needs, but does so in a way that’s lighthearted and wholly engaging.

The Takeaway: No matter what your industry is, take a tip from CableTV — when it comes to crafting an integrated content marketing strategy, don’t be shy about getting creative and having fun.

Whether you’re working with a shoestring budget or you’re making major investments into your content marketing, the importance of ensuring the content you’re crafting delivers a cohesive brand message can’t be overstated. And as the number of potential content marketing outlets increases at an unfathomable rate, you must constantly hone your content marketing distribution strategy.

Final Thoughts

Let our five inspirational content marketing campaigns be your guide and start developing a content marketing strategy that nails the sweet spot again and again. Have a brand that you’d like to add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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