9 05, 2017

Future-proofing the agency model at Mobile World Congress 2016

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More than 100,000 professionals descended on Barcelona, Spain, for Mobile World Congress 2016 last month. As well as all the talk of 5G, the Internet of Things, and the potential of connected cars, it was fascinating to witness how the number of advertising agencies and marketers continues to increase each year. This time around, the event [...]

9 05, 2017

Talents Every Agency And Marketing Department Will Need In 2016

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Regardless of the industry in which you work, the winds of change are quickly turning into a hurricane. Retail giant Amazon and other ecommerce sites have changed brick-and-mortar retail forever, while AirBnB hosts more travellers every night than the world’s largest hotel chains. Launched just six years ago, Uber is already larger than the taxi [...]

6 05, 2017

Are You Looking In The Right Places For Your Freelance Talent?

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More and more people around the world are choosing freelance careers. Estimates put the percentage of freelance workers in the US at around a third of the working-age population. In Europe, countries like the Netherlands have seen a doubling of the self-employed population in the last decade alone. Finding the right talent is the most important part of [...]