9 05, 2017

Freelance Management Is A $3bn Opportunity For Advertising Agencies

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Following the great feedback I received from my last two posts on the changing face of the advertising agency industry, namely Advertising Agency BRIC Expansion Without The Fixed Costs and Advertising Agencies Hiring 1,000,000 Freelancers. Are You Onboard?, I now want to share some some insights into the scale of the changes we're witnessing right now. Many small, [...]

9 05, 2017

How Agile Is Your Agency When It Comes To Freelance Spend?

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As the internet and ICT continue to transform the way we work, making remote ways of working a reality, agency employees are increasingly requesting flexible ways of working. Not only that, but large numbers of consultants in the workplace has become commonplace. But what is the ideal combination of full-timers and freelancers? Your agency’s freelance [...]

9 05, 2017

Why You Need A Freelance Management System

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When we talk about why it’s advantageous for agencies to work with freelancers, we default to cost and internal bandwidth issues as the primary reasons. A larger freelance workforce means greater flexibility for management and that means money and time saved on the agency side. But those aren’t the only reason why you should always [...]