6 05, 2017

Dark secrets… Or: The importance of social trust in freelancing

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A recent article in The Social Media Monthly looked at some common challenges freelancers face in running their businesses — finding quality clients, getting paid consistently and on time, managing an unpredictable pipeline, and optimizing client communication and workflow. Do any of these issues hit home for you? The article proposes that social media and [...]

6 05, 2017

Community Spotlight: Colorful Characters, On the Page and Off

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Power Girl, from The Extraordinaires Design Studio game, illustrated by Steve Simpson The Great Freelancers and Smart Clients of Coworks: Steve Simpson, illustrator In an earlier post, illustrator Steve Simpson walked us through three projects that showcase how creative thinking and skillful illustrative techniques can take brand promotion to the next level. Steve’s style is [...]

6 05, 2017

Client Feedback: An E-commerce CEO’s Secret to Finding Great Freelancers

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E-commerce CEO, Dinesh Nayar of Fyndiq, talks with the Coworks team about his early experiences with Coworks. Startups and SMBs, there's some real wisdom here about how to find good freelancers for your team and how to make sure the work goes well. Learn from a pro! Dinesh, you’ve been a supporter of Coworks from [...]

6 05, 2017

Building Freelance Teams in 3 Easy Steps

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Using teams of freelancers on agency project work has many advantages. You’ll keep your cost base low, minimise the risk of overspends, and have access to the best talent on the market. However there is one area in which a freelance workforce can’t match a permanent staff - convenience. If you use teams of freelancers [...]

6 05, 2017

An infographics designer and a startup CEO walk into a bar…

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Here’s a great story of how ambition, enthusiasm and hard work can move you toward your professional dreams. We’re pleased to feature Aran Jackson, graphic designer and infographics specialist, in conversation with Coworks CEO and cofounder, Henrik Dillman. Henrik Dillman: So, Aran, you’re from the UK. How is the graphic design industry doing there? Aran [...]

6 05, 2017

Advertising Agencies Hiring 1,000,000 Freelancers. Are You Onboard?

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The move to a more freelance-driven workforce is one that is an inevitability in the advertising agency world, and there are huge cost and efficiency savings, not to mention competitive advantages, to be had for first-movers into the on-demand economy. The move towards recruiting freelancers is a natural reaction to many of the problems facing [...]

6 05, 2017

A coder, a designer, or both?

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You may have just received funding to complete a major project or simply decided it’s time to move ahead with a website redesign. You now need to find the right freelancers for the job. Whether it’s adding a few freelancers to your existing in-house team or building a freelancer-only team, you may be unsure where [...]

6 05, 2017

4 Niche Social Networks that Marketers Need to See

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These days, everyone’s talking about making the most of your marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. But even though the Big Four get the lion’s share of the spotlight, there are still a few strong contenders out there that are worth checking out. Look beyond the networks that you use everyday to find emerging [...]