Client Feedback: An E-commerce CEO’s Secret to Finding Great Freelancers

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Client Feedback: An E-commerce CEO’s Secret to Finding Great Freelancers

E-commerce CEO, Dinesh Nayar of Fyndiq, talks with the Coworks team about his early experiences with Coworks. Startups and SMBs, there’s some real wisdom here about how to find good freelancers for your team and how to make sure the work goes well. Learn from a pro!

Dinesh, you’ve been a supporter of Coworks from the start, and you’re a regular buyer of freelance services on Coworks. How have you used the platform so far?

We run an e-commerce business and have a wide range of needs for creative services. So far, we’ve used Coworks to work with some great freelance graphic designers, and we’re looking at hiring a freelance writer for SEO, and a freelancer for photo retouching through Coworks, too.

How does working with freelancers fit into your overall staffing approach at Fyndiq?

We need high-quality design for our site and our marketing materials, but we don’t have an in-house designer on staff. The jobs are often too small for taking to an agency and the price tag for a freelancer is usually more attractive. When I work with a freelancer, I don’t spend time managing an employee, I just get the job done.

Did you consider any other freelancer services before choosing Coworks?

We’ve considered other services, but have never gotten around to using them because of the hassle of getting started. Your pitch on using the recommendations system made sense to us.

What do you think about the Coworks services and the design of the site?

It is really easy to use. We did initially experience a problem with the invoice formatting, but you were able to fix that. Payment, invoicing and all that work well for us now.

Will you use Coworks in the future?

We’re using it on a regular basis now! I use Coworks, our social media manager uses it and our marketing director uses it for various purposes. We basically consider Coworks as our freelance creative agency at this point.

Any recommendations to other clients on how to get the most out of Coworks?

Well, I usually make sure to really nail down the job specifications in detail. I also make sure to agree with the freelancer on how many versions and revisions we can expect to do before we need to make a final decision. I use plain language when it comes to expectations, process, etc., in order to avoid any communication mishaps. Other than that, the system proves that it is worth asking your friends for leads on freelancers. That is how we found our team on Coworks.

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