Do you really need 3,600 video photographers?

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Do you really need 3,600 video photographers?

The simple answer is yes, but not at the same time.

Modern freelancer networks like Coworks give you both reach and critical mass. How you use them however, very much depends on the nature of your business. Video is influencing all aspects of marketing and communication. Any communication should be local if you want to maximize impact. Having access to quality assured video photographers onsite wherever you operate is potentially very valuable.

3 user cases that drive in local video production

  1. Internal communication
  2. Marketing
  3. Operations

Internal communication

Your employees expect communication to feel like Facebook or Youtube. If your communication doesn’t look the part it will not be efficient. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. If you don’t have your management, coaches and
key influencer broadcasting yet, you probably should.

Successful communications directors have influencers broadcasting regularly, even using
their own mobile cameras.


Communicate with your customers and users as they deserve. They expect to
meet you in all channels, using modern technology, local knowledge and
language. Animated explainer videos was an early step in 2009. Now, you need
real life capture and real stories to engage.

This is easy with local freelancers running your social media, localization and
content production, at a price that allows you to get good volumes. A 3 minute
video is not $3,000 anymore, it is $400.


More and more, video is able to replace expensive business travel in all aspects
of business be it market research, business intelligence, internationalization,
CSR, field visits and more. If there is a trusted supplier onsite you are likely to
save much time. Add a creative or a journalist to the mix and you have a whole

Using local freelance talent provide a number of benefits:

  • No costs for getting onsite
  • Costs at local rates
  • Production aligned with local market conditions

Want to learn more about how you can quickly set up your video team? Contact us now.

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