Get Creative! Three Ways to Strengthen Your Brand with Illustration

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Get Creative! Three Ways to Strengthen Your Brand with Illustration

For Cavistons, a brand in the hand is worth… a lot. Custom illustrated cups say so much about this family-run coffee boutique and their friendly brand personality.

We’re excited to bring you some wisdom from an exceptional freelance illustrator, Steve Simpson of Dublin, Ireland. Below, Steve shares three examples of his work to inspire other businesses who want to use creative media to strengthen their own brand communications.


Transform an everyday object into a brand ambassador

For family-run boutique coffee shop, Cavistons, Steve created a charming custom illustration for the coffee cup wraps. This project was a brilliant branding play and beautifully executed by Steve. What a fun way to literally put the Cavistons brand personality into the hands of every customer. Steve’s playful, award-winning design clearly delivers the essence of the brand and sets Cavistons apart as a warm and friendly local business that’s deeply embedded into its community.

Question to smart clients: Is there a missed branding opportunity that could be in the hands of your customers right now?


Extend the life of your customers’ interaction with your brand

Steve Simpson’s illustrated menu design for Fade St. Social Gastro Bar

With this delightfully complex menu cover, Steve helped a Dublin restaurant, Fade St. Social, create a bold, additional touchpoint between their customers and their brand. It’s a conversation piece, and a brand experience that happens before the eating begins. The busy scene and creative style that Steve used reflect the attention to detail of the team crafting the meal. They also echo the eclectic mix of art and visual stimuli in the Fade St. Social restaurant environment.

Thanks to this creative effort, it’s likely diners will recall the uniquely branded imagery when mulling over their night out. It’s lovely way to further extend a positive brand experience.

Steve notes one caveat, clearly a minor risk the client was more than happy to take: “One possible disadvantage of having a custom menu is that it is more likely to be stolen!”

Know, respect and impress your audience






This direct mail piece had to pass the scrutiny of a tough audience – experts in the field of design. Click to see a work-in-progress sketch of this cool poster by Steve Simpson.

For Skillnet, a UK-based company serving the design, print and packaging industry, Steve had the challenge of playing to a tough crowd. To have impact, this direct mail piece needed to be relevant, engaging and relatable to peers and experts in Steve’s own field.

With his expertly hand-lettered poster, Steve succeeded in boosting brand credibility for his client. The poster medium was a clever choice for delivering an enduring brand reminder. Who would throw such a cool piece away? Certainly none of the designers I know.

Want to learn a bit more about Steve and the way he sees the world? Eavesdrop on a conversation between Steve and Coworks CEO, Henrik Dillman, by clicking here.

See more of Steve’s award-winning work at And if you’re inspired to bring some creativity to your own branding efforts, you can ping Steve via Coworks to discuss your project today.

Many thanks to Steve Simpson, and the smart clients of Cavistons, Fade St. Social and Skillnet!


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