Getting the Most Out of Word of Mouth

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Getting the Most Out of Word of Mouth

Great freelancers and smart clients unequivocally agree: when you’re looking for an excellent freelancer or for appealing freelance work, your most reliable resource is word of mouth. The enormous reach and connection that is possible today is a double-edged sword at best. Many online services that trade in freelance work boast of their “millions of freelancers” registered. But when what you want is quality, reliability and minimal risk, how does access to “millions of freelancers” or “thousands of jobs” really help? For professionals looking for sustainable and rewarding freelance collaborations, less is truly more.

We’re turning an exciting corner in the new economy, where we’re both putting the tech in, and taking the tech out. Solid digital tools that help us do business with less hassle, less administration and less legwork are what we do want from our online services. On the other hand, disconnection, marginalization, devaluation and information overload are not what our talented, energetic and especially, human, workforce needs or deserves.

Let’s build a community that combines what’s tried-and-true from our lives offline with only the best of what a digital world can mean. Let’s connect to our friends, and to the friends of our friends, to find the work and the resources that make us feel good at the end of the day. Let’s get the job done, fairly and with good process, and let’s make some new friends along the way. As the Freelancers Union motto states, “We are what we need.”

Do you believe we can have the best of both worlds? What, in your opinion, will it take to get there? We look forward to hearing your thoughts. Please do comment below, or email me directly.

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