How To Get the Same Top Talent That Big Brands Use In Under An Hour

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How To Get the Same Top Talent That Big Brands Use In Under An Hour

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Don’t you think the same kind of talent that makes big brands like Coca-Cola or Nike such a huge success is accessible to you?

Have you ever looked at an advertising campaign and wondered who created it? Did you suspect it was probably someone you couldn’t access for your own project?

Such organizations spend a great deal of money on their advertising. They hire the best marketers, designers, web developers, and writers they can find. It’s understandable that because they have such high standards (and high pressure to deliver results), they’re looking for talent that is knowledgeable, competent, and resourceful. They want talented individuals who know the hottest trends as well as the tried-and-true principles of their specialized field.

You may think this type of talent is out of reach. Or you may wonder if these big brands keep their talent hidden away, under lock and key.

The good news is that such talent is not locked away but instead very accessible – if you know where to look.

The Best Freelance

The truth of the matter is that more people with this level of talent work as freelancers. They enjoy the variety of projects that are found by working with dozens of clients, delivering quality work that often leads to more work within an organization.

But they’re usually not interested in becoming anyone’s full-time employee. Instead, they prefer the freedom that comes with successfully completing a project that excites them so they can work on another one with a new client.

Although a freelancer may work for a Fortune 500 company today, they may very well be working for your business tomorrow.

Coworks’ Freelancers Are Tapped By The Big Brands


Not only are Coworks’ freelancers recommended by those who know their work, you can view their portfolios and see for yourself that they provide quality work.

Coworks’ freelancers have the kind of experience in their fields that sets them apart. These freelancers often have worked with advertising agencies or written for national publications.

And they’re friendly, accessible, and looking for their next exciting project where they can use their creative talents. For example, Aran Jackson is a graphic designer who creates amazing infographics. He has designed infographics for such well-known brands as The Dollar Shave Club and He is a professionally trained graphic designer with 6 years experience working in award-winning agencies in the UK. And he loves to work with small businesses and startups.

Or take a look at Coworks Mary Seale’s portfolio. She’s a successful advertising designer who has created ads for the Nissan Motor Company and Allstate Insurance (plus, she has quite an impressive list of awards on her resume). Mary believes great advertising happens when strategic storytelling is communicated through the use of clever copy and effective visuals to give a brand personality and identity within society. And she would love to create great advertising for your business.

And, there’s Jeremy K. Spencer, an accomplished writer, editor, and creative director. Jeremy has worked for national magazines and written ads for big brands such as Microsoft, Nike, and Gatorade. He brings a truly unique and diverse communication-arts experience that few can claim, having been on both the inside and outside of the media and marketing worlds: editorial and PR, brand and agency. He loves to bring big ideas to life with words and can add his special magic to your project.

This is just a small taste of Coworks’ quality freelancers. They have the experience and talent that attracts the big brands – and they’re available for your project.


Find Highly Qualified Freelancers In Under An Hour

Coworks makes it easy to find the right Coworker for your project. Visit our freelancer directory and you’ll see qualified talent in design and media, writing and translation, marketing and support, and web and applications.

Each have a profile page that will allow you to learn about their work perspective, the types of projects that allow them to deliver their best work, their portfolio, a promotion if they provide one, and of course, recommendations from those who have worked with them before.

The process to register and posting your job is simple. Once you have an account, you can then invite specific freelancers to view your project. If they’re interested, you can then start a conversation.

Plus, you’ll have a selection of global talent. Coworks takes care of collaboration, billing, payments, tax reports and stats. You can choose to pay a fixed price or hire people by the hour. Coworks takes care of the accounting so you can focus on what’s really important: managing your team and growing your business.

Big brands aren’t the only ones who should have access to such great talent. Search Coworks and you’ll soon find freelancers who are available to make your next project a success.

Build your own dream team that makes your business look just as good as a big brand. Why not get started today?


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