In the Media: Coworks Launches to the Public with Press Announcement

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In the Media: Coworks Launches to the Public with Press Announcement

Coworks First to Drive Quality in Online Freelancing; Launches Platform Based on “Word of Mouth”
Unique freelancing platform uses social recommendations to promote top-quality, rewarding collaborations between creative freelancers and their clients

San Francisco, April 24, 2013Coworks, the only online platform connecting buyers of creative services with the freelancers recommended by their professional and social networks, today announced the official launch of its company. Coworks provides freelancers and buyers with a unique online platform that takes the “word of mouth” practice, which has worked for so many years in the freelancing industry offline, and combines it with the power of online social media capabilities. Coworks focuses on four key categories of freelancing jobs in the creative sector: writing and translation, design and illustration, photo/video, and web/apps.

Rather than providing buyers with an overwhelming amount of unqualified freelancers as many services have done, Coworks recommends only high-quality freelancers based on connections within the buyer’s own network.

“Traditional online freelancing solutions provide buyers with literally thousands or even millions of freelancers to choose from,” says Jill Gutierrez, Community Manager at Coworks. “For quality creative services, this approach really misses the mark. Buyers waste time sifting through endless piles of candidates, and the best freelancers steer clear of this mass market setting entirely. At Coworks, we focus on personal connections and recommendations. The most comfortable and successful path to finding freelance resources has always been asking friends and colleagues. Coworks takes this important concept and combines it with an online platform that makes working together easier for everyone.”

This enhanced word-of-mouth system is equally beneficial to freelancers. “I’ve worked with freelancing sites in the past where workers face a race-to-the-bottom-price mentality, and it isn’t a fair reflection of the quality and value a good freelancer can add to a project,” says Andrew Nossiter, a freelance copywriter on the Coworks platform. “The word-of-mouth approach means that my skills are recognized by buyers before work even begins, thanks to recommendations by that person’s network, and that helps to foster a relationship of mutual trust right at the outset.”

The Coworks platform is not only able to effectively connect qualified freelancers and buyers, it also removes the administrative hassles by providing tools for posting, bidding, profile promotion, social network invitations, billing, payments, workflow, taxes and VAT.

About Coworks
Based in San Francisco, Coworks is the only online platform connecting freelancers with buyers through their professional and social networks. Built for great freelancers and smart clients, Coworks focuses on four key categories within the creative services sector: writing and translations, design and illustration, photo/video, and web/apps. With Coworks, freelancers and buyers get a powerful tool to quickly access and work with the talents their connections already use and trust.

New startup, Coworks, introduces Friendly Freelancing to creative services professionals and buyers

Media Contacts:
Jill Gutierrez, Coworks
(323) 380-3013

Deanna Siste, Grayling for Coworks
(415) 442-4020

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