Let’s start it all with a great freelancer

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Let’s start it all with a great freelancer

Hi friends,

So this is it – the start of a new company and the start of a new era of friendly freelance.

The brick-and-mortar side of what we do…

Our vision is to turn Coworks into the home for great freelancers and smart and friendly clients who really care about their online business relations, reaching out to people who never settle for less than the best when it come to quality.

We will start our blog with an interview with one of the great freelancers we have used ourselves to build Coworks: Rikard Andersson, freelance photographer in Stockholm. Rikard has taken a bunch of wonderful photos for us, the most visible one being our front-page picture of Dinesh and Sofia from Fyndiq, one of Coworks’ early clients.

Rikard, please tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into photography…


Rikard – An awesome photographer on Coworks

I’m 31 years old, born and raised in Stockholm. When I did my MBA in marketing, I quickly realized that I needed a professional life besides my studies. No matter how much I enjoyed digging into new subjects, I also wanted to be out meeting customers and learning by doing.

Soon I got a position as assistant at a lifestyle magazine, and after a while I became responsible for the fashion section. Obviously, a large part of my work there was related to photos, so it became natural to start playing around with the camera myself.

After I finished my studies, I started working full time as a professional photographer, and pursued that for a couple of years. It was a great time where I did everything from high-profile model shoots to weddings and product photos.

When I got an offer from a really interesting eCommerce startup*, I just couldn’t resist and jumped on board. My two passions are photography and entrepreneurship, so I felt it was time to try the other one.

*Fyndiq.com, where Rikard now works with business development and strategic partnerships

So how did you actually learn to take those great photos?

YouTube! Only YouTube. Thanks to great video tutorials, I learned to handle a camera from scratch. Going from ‘ok’ to ‘really good’ of course takes a lot of practice, and trial and error. Photography is a combination of art and craftsmanship. It takes a long time to master, and I am certainly not a master yet.

Tell me about your creative style when you shoot.

“I listen to my clients and interview them, and then formulate a precise vision for what the picture will look like. When you start to shoot you can’t be too strict, however – if you want to catch the 1-in-1,000 photo, you need to keep an open mind and constantly interact with the subject and be open when opportunities for a ”perfect moment” arise.”

You were very decisive when we took the front-page photo for Coworks. Tell me about the shoot.

Overall it was a surprisingly smooth session. We moved around a lot in the office and, after trying seven different locations, finally went back to the first spot we tried. It just shows that you really need to keep an open mind during the shoot. Their office was a good environment to shoot in, with some fun challenges coming from the lighting — a lot of different light sources with different temperatures made it difficult to get the colors and shadows right. Sofia and Dinesh were awesome models, really listening to me and being extremely patient during the shoot.

So what is the reason you’ve joined Coworks?

That’s easy – I love taking photos and working with clients, but all the administrative stuff is just such a boring hassle – I hate it! Coworks will allow me to keep my fun daytime job while also keeping my favorite passion alive on the side. I don’t really do any sales or promotion of myself, and, very typically, got in touch with Coworks through a recommendation from a friend. So I look forward to moving all my clients to Coworks and letting my friends and customers promote me throughout their networks.

What’s a fun story from a photography job gone crazy?

There was a model shoot a couple of years ago and we were supposed to take a photo of a female model stepping off the plane. But the jet was parked in the slightly wrong position, and the backlight made the shot impossible. We asked the pilot to move the plane slightly but he overshot and did a wide turn. The jet stream swept over all our equipment and blew it all over the landing area. It was just a mess! A bunch of expensive gear got wrecked, but it was a big laugh for all of us anyway, and we got some great smiles from the model as a result.

What would be your dream job as a photographer?

Pete Souza, who is the official photographer for President Obama, has such an amazing job! I’d love to follow President Obama around, with all the interesting people he meets and being part of history in the making. That would really be something.

Thanks Rikard!

We look forward to seeing you on Coworks and working with you for a long time!


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