Save time and money by managing your freelance network like a pro

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Save time and money by managing your freelance network like a pro

There are many instances when choosing a freelancer over an employee is not only best for your projects, but also best in terms of saving time for yourself, your HR department, and other areas of your business. Keep these tips below in mind the next time you are looking for someone to complete specific tasks and projects:

4 Ways Your Business Can Save Time with a Freelance Workforce

For long term needs employees are the obvious answer. But what about short term needs, like one-off or contract projects? In those cases, you might be analysing the pros and cons of a freelancer versus a contract or temporary employee. Learn how your business can save time with a freelance workforce over employees. Read more

How You Can Save 15% On Staff Costs by Hiring Freelancers

Keeping costs down in the agency world is a competitive advantage, and for most businesses their staff costs are their greatest outgoing. By relying less on full-time staff and more on an on-demand pool of workers you can exchange fixed permanent staff costs to flexible freelance costs. Read more

Building Freelance Teams in 3 Easy Steps

Using teams of freelancers on agency project work has many advantages: You’ll keep your cost base low, minimise the risk of overspends, and have access to the best talent on the market. However, when choosing freelancers are no employees waiting to be told what to do – you need to go out and find your workforce. Read more

5 Tips to Properly Track Freelance Spend

Track Freelance Spend and increase ROIAs more agencies increase their freelance workforce knowing how to track freelance spend has become more difficult than ever. Different day rates and working patterns make freelance spending more unpredictable than salaries, and in the rush to finish a big project that spending can spiral out of control. Read more

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