The Benefits of Creative Communication With Your Freelancers

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The Benefits of Creative Communication With Your Freelancers

Most businesses focus on making the messaging they use with their customers perfect. But when it comes to those who work for the business, not so much. If you are bored to tears reading internal memos, proposals, and other communications, chances are, your recipients are as well. In this post, we’re going to look at the benefits of creative communication with your freelancers and how to do it.

The benefits of creative communication

Before we look at the various ways you can be more creative in your communication with freelancers, let’s look at a few good reasons why you should be.

Your business will stand out

In most cases, freelancers are working with multiple clients with similar projects. With creative communication, you will make your business stand out in your freelancer’s mind. Instead of seeing just another email from another client, your message will be something they actually look forward to opening.

Your messages will stick

Freelance communication is key to ensuring that projects come together with the best results. Creative communication will disrupt what the freelancer has come to expect when they open messages from clients. When you use creative communication, your messages will stick in your freelancer’s mind.

This results in better project deliverables with fewer revisions. As your freelancer is working on your project, they will be more likely to remember what you said about colors in your logo, using humor in the copy, and other specifics that you defined.

Your freelancers will feel more connected

When you think about the things you do for others, are you more likely to treat something you do for someone you like better than for someone you feel ambivalent about? The same happens with your freelancers. When they feel more connected to your business, they are going to produce better results simply because they like you.

Creative communication allows you to connect with your freelancers in ways that their other clients are likely not. In turn, your freelancers will be more passionate about the work you give to them, and thus will produce results like those you would expect from a full time employee who loves their work versus a freelancer that is just doing another task for another client.

How to communicate creatively

Now that you know why you should engage in creative communication with your freelancers, here are some ways to do so. Feel free to implement these into your messaging to freelancers or customize them to fit your own personality.

Add some witty quotes

One of the simplest ways you can be more creative with your messaging to freelancers (or anyone you email, for that matter), is to add some witty or humorous quotes to your email signature. When they notice it for the first time, they will laugh.

When they notice that it changes, they will not only be amused, but they will be on the lookout for future edits to your signature. While it’s a small change, it will have a big effect on the likelihood that your freelancer will not only open the message, but read it completely.

Emoji your messages

Emoji support is now built in to most email providers and messaging systems. Emojis in your messaging will add a little emotional flare to them, whether it’s just something cute or something that expresses the tone of the message itself.

When emojis come through the inbox – especially in a subject line – they will make your messages literally stand out from the crowd. And for a freelancer whose inbox is far beyond the help of an Inbox Zero strategy, this means that your message might get read when it otherwise wouldn’t have.

Bring them together

Working with multiple freelancers on a common project? Don’t treat your freelancers like islands. Get them together in a private social group so that you can discuss not just projects, but things that relate to your business’s goals, victories, or culture in a common place.

Group communication will help your freelancers feel less like independent contractors and more like a part of a team. That camaraderie will ensure that they reach out to you or others on the project to get more details when needed and ensure that they think of your business as a better place to work than their other clients.

Create a freelancer newsletter

Keep your freelancers up to date about the latest going ons in your business with a newsletter design just for them. It’s separate from your employee newsletter to ensure that you are not sharing too many confidential details, but enough to show your freelancer that they are an integral part of your business.

What this will do is allow your freelancers to learn more about your business, leading them to treat projects with your business goals and culture in mind. You may even find that your freelancers have more ideas they can contribute to your business outside of their own expertise level by simply sharing your business’s victories and struggles.

Put selfies to good use

Ever wonder how you can make selfies applicable to business? Whenever your freelancer sends in their work, send them a quick selfie in your message to express your approval, confirm receipt, or show satisfaction. That will stand out much more than a quick thank you or great job.

Best of all, it’s fast. You can even send it direct from your mobile once taken, or snap it with your webcam. If you make your freelancer smile, they will look forward to sending in more and more work for you.

Skip the text

Do you feel like your email messages are not getting through to your freelancer? Try sending your next message in audio or video format. It’s as simple as getting in front of your webcam and uploading an unlisted video directly to YouTube.

When your freelancer watches the video, they won’t just be hearing your message, but they will be seeing you deliver it. Instead of just being another email from a client, the personalization will ensure that your message stands out in your freelancer’s mind, making it more likely that they will remember specific requests or details as they work on your project.

In addition, give your freelancers a way to respond to your messages creatively. Let them know they are free to reply by email, YouTube video, or even record a message on your voicemail. Now, your messages will be received and responded to more frequently!

Go offline

Does your business send out small tokens of gratitude to customers, like t-shirts or mascot toys? Don’t leave your freelancers out of the mix. If you can get them to set your mascot on their desk, then your business and projects will be at the forefront of their minds.

Other great offline communications you can use include handwritten thank-you cards for a job well done, a book that your company created or that you think they would find amusing, or little gifts that align with your freelancer’s specialty, like notepads with your business logo for writers or a set of drawing pencils in a case with your business logo for artists.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are many benefits to creative communication, and lots of ways to implement creativity in your messaging to freelancers. Be sure to give one or more of these options a try to see what resonates best with your freelance team!

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