Why 50% of the agency staff will be freelancers

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Why 50% of the agency staff will be freelancers

Why are ⅓ of Americans now classified as Independent Workers? And why are hand-selected, quality freelancers proving to be so valuable to companies that already have an established, well-paid workforce?

Companies that hire freelancers aren’t just cutting costs, they are reaping benefits across the board. In fact, outsourcing projects isn’t just a solution, it’s the Swiss Army knife of business today. It’s the solution to staying ahead of the curve including everything from cultivating creative ideas to executing administrative tasks.

Here are 5 reasons why your workforce can and should consist of a 50/50 split between full-time employees and hand-selected freelancers:

Freelancers Champion Creativity.

The greatest advantage of hiring a freelancer is gaining an outsider’s point-of-view and tapping into a new, fresh source of creativity. High quality, independent freelancers thrive on more than project creation; they want to be able to create and execute on new ideas.

Any hired hand is going to provide your business with a fresh vantage point, which is extremely helpful especially for startups who are so busy with the day-to-day task of keeping their business afloat that they lose sight of what their company looks like from the outside. Brand strategist Casey Williams from ChapterSF, a San Francisco based branding agency, hires freelancers because each project his company does for a client is unique and often requires “bringing in someone who possesses the combination of a creative eye and the ability to channel his or her vision through a particular skill set or technology.” With each new project, Casey stresses the importance of having handpicked, experienced freelancers at his disposal, especially those jobs with short deadlines.


A larger freelance workforce means greater flexibility for management and that means money saved. Instead of worrying about managing a potentially idle full-time employee during down months, you can contract with a freelancer when important projects arise. It’s easier than ever for project managers to assemble a team with all the right skills for a unique job through platforms like Coworks, and execute assignments while saving both time and money on full-time employees.

Your Staff Can’t Keep Up.

Can you ensure that your company has top-notch talent in every new emerging technology that your clients demand? That’s a tough question, but hiring an expert freelancer is an easy solution. In fact, it’s not only becoming more common for major advertising and marketing firms to hire freelancers, but now they hire them to teach the firms’ full-time employees new skill sets. Freelancers are equipped to teach because they possess cutting-edge, niche skills. In order to be competitive, freelancers must spend time developing new skills to attract new clients. Competition is fierce and only those with the sharpest tools and techniques survive.

Clear Start and End Dates.

A quality, hand-selected freelancer is one that can communicate and more importantly, hit deadlines. As a creative agency, you are able to decide when to begin a project, when it needs to be completed and the ticket price of completion. This kind of clarity is essential for a business and since in-demand freelancers keep a relatively full calendar of projects, they know to focus on your project and hit your deadline or risk losing the job they have on the horizon. Molly Johnson, a freelance web designer, relies on clear-cut project dates in order to satisfy clients. “As a freelancer, I know my clients have hard deadlines that if they aren’t hit, could have big consequences for their progress. That, coupled with the fact that I usually have another job I need to move onto, really motivates me to work hard to hit deadlines.”

Content is still king.

We all know is true – everything you create affects how others view your body of work, your brand, and your ideas. Creative agencies live and die by the content they produce and handpicked freelancers enable agencies to create a broader base of talent with a wider variety of expertise. Together, they are the swiss army knife, ready for any challenge.

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