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Coworking Influencer

Email marketing for coworking spaces

Jake Bolling of outlines strategies and best practices get the right message to the right person at the right time.

Coworking Influencer

Digital advertising for coworking spaces

Jake Bolling of knows his way around digital ad campaigns for coworking spaces. Here, he shares his insights.

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

Vanessa Terry puts her stamp on coworking

Entrepreneur Vanessa Terry is way more than a notary and her Business Center is much more than a coworking space.

How to use Coworks Software

Why offer day passes to your coworking space?

Day passes might not make the most financial sense for coworking spaces, but with the right coworking software, they can help you deliver exactly...

Coworking Influencer

Q&A with Cat Johnson of Coworking Convos

We asked the marketing maven 7 questions, and she did not disappoint with her answers about coworking, new marketing tactics, and the exciting future...

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

Past meets future at LIME TREE WORK SHOP coworking

What do you get when an interior designer and an events planner decide to launch a business? You get a stunningly beautiful place to work, meet and...

Coworking Influencer

SEO basics for coworking spaces

Meet Jake Bolling of CoworkingSEO, helping operators expand their reach and drive leads to fill their space.

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight and the hurricane

When the power went out and the winds died down, this coworking space in San Juan, Puerto Rico stepped up to serve the community.


Make your coworking space more accessible

One realization from the pandemic was how many jobs can be completed at home, opening up more opportunities to workers who have additional needs for...

Coworking Software

4 key amenities for any coworking space

Because we provide coworking management software for so many spaces, we’re familiar with some of the amenities that provide the most value for...

Coworking Influencer

What’s a coworking alliance?

Craig Baute and Katharine Chestnut are two coworking operators in different cities who did the same thing: they started coworking alliances.

How to use Coworks Software

Automate these 3 tasks for your coworking space

Repeatable tasks should be automated, giving coworking space operators and managers valuable time back in their day. We’ll look at three such tasks.


5 hacks for your coworking space

Sometimes inspiration comes in surprising places. Here is a quick list of things we’ve seen around the coworking world and wanted to share.

Coworks Case Studies

Birch Road and the art of gathering

Birch Road isn’t your typical coworking space. It’s a neighborhood social club, where coworking is just one of the options.

Coworking Influencer

5 coworking space blogs to follow

Here are 5 of our favorite coworking space blogs, communities, groups, and newsletters to make it that much easier to grow your coworking business.

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

At Provident1898, membership is activism

The Provident1898 community draws members that align with the mission of being black-centric, though not black-exclusive.

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

Humility, collaboration, and growth at Refinery46

Refinery46 is a unique coworking space in Indianapolis, established to support small business owners and entrepreneurs in the home services trades.

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

A coworking and creative playground at Guild Row

Guild Row uses Coworks to manage 12,000 sq. ft. of space, communicate with over 450 members, and promote their eclectic and dynamic schedule of...

Flex space

9 office pods for coworking spaces

Coworking and flex space operators can provide more enclosed spaces use. And rather than build offices, you can buy pre-made booths, pods, or...

Coworks Case Studies

Hot desks to hot stoves: coworking and kitchens

Jason Johnson and HUBB Kitchens serve restaurant owners, chefs, food trucks, farmers, bakers, instructors, and culinary arts classes and workshops.

Coworking Influencer

Spacefully delivers coworking leads everyday

Spacefully helps coworking space streamline their digital marketing and optimize their web sites to drive leads and convert prospects into members.

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

The Lola: for and by womxn

At The Lola, the culture drives the choices that the founders made, from the space to the types of members who join.

Coworks Case Studies

The art of beneficial collisions

The Entrepreneurship Garage at North Carolina State University is a venture creation and prototyping space designed for student entrepreneurs. And...

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

CoworkHERS: busting more than glass ceilings

CoworkHERS opened in Portland, Maine in 2017. The zeitgeist of the moment aligned with the mission: the potential for the country’s first female...

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

Lessons learned and shared at The Wright Village

Mel Wright is part of an entrepreneurial tradition. As a US veteran with a history of small businesses behind her that include retail and tax...

Flex space

Grow your coworking business with data

DenSwap isn’t even 3 years old yet, but Driftmier and his partner Craig Baute have decades of combined coworking experience. All this means they have...

Coworks Case Studies

Nexus Co-Work & Event Space

A nexus is a connection or series of connections linking two or more things. Which is why it’s the perfect name for Nexus Co-Work & Event Space.


What is Space-as-a-Service?

Space-as-a-service combines aspects of hospitality, retail, and commercial real estate into a friendly, affordable and flexible package that allows a...

Coworking Influencer

DenSwap helps close the gap with CRE

DenSwap provides coworking operators with tools such as a Valuation Calculator, a Property Planning Tool, and Coworking Heatmap powered by real time...

Coworking Influencer

Create a mentally healthy coworking space

Laura Shook Guzman is a marriage and family therapist, somatic psychotherapist, coworking space founder in Austin, Texas, and co-founder of Women Who...

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

How SheSpace cultivates a culture of support

Stephanie and Katie Tsuru designed a women-centric space in Houston, Texas to address a need they felt: a welcoming space to network and get work...


Back to the future… of work!

Some new studies of people that worked from home (WFH) validated why coworking is back and more relevant than ever. Here’s what that means for...

Coworks Updates

Coworks announces successful funding round

Leading coworking software platform Coworks announced it has closed a successful funding round led by VentureSouth, with strategic participation by...


Coworking Battles COVID

While it’s great that people are staying safe at home, unfortunately, this has a trickle-down effect. Many, if not most small businesses—including...

Community Spotlight

Mojo Coworking: Asheville’s Magic Sauce

Who is Mojo  We asked Ian McAnsh, Community Manager of Mojo Coworking, “How did your space get the name Mojo,” to which he responded, “Oh Mojo, you...

Community Spotlight

The Launch Factory: Launchpad to Success

Launching Forward Where is the prime location to both launch your business and create community in your work environment? If you find yourself in...


Top 10 Cities for Coworking in the U.S.

It’s no longer a secret, the workplace is drastically changing. The coworking industry is revolutionizing the workforce by replacing cubicle farms...


How to Explain Coworking: A Meme Guide

You’re sitting around the dinner table ranting to your family about how cool and modern your new office is, “They even have beer on tap!” you tell...

Community Spotlight

Advent: Authentic Innovative Coworking

Next up in our Community Spotlight is Advent Coworking! Located in the heart of the Queen City, Advent opened in 2015 and has since grown to over...


What is Coworking? Digital Workforce Revolution

Usually when you’re sharing something— your sandwich, your apartment, your toothbrush— it’s not pleasant. So sharing your workspace may seem...


Top 5 Coworking Community Manager Problems

Top 5 Coworking Community Manager Problems Many entrepreneurs and established professionals thrive in coworking spaces due to their flexibility and...

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: Coworx Wilmington

Coworx This week, we are welcoming Coworx to Coworks! (yes, we’re homophone buddies!) Although Coworx relocated to Queen St in the Cargo District...

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: HQ Raleigh

This week, we welcome HQ Raleigh to Coworks! HQ Raleigh is an innovative space, started in 2012, in downtown Raleigh that has been at the forefront...


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