Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

Convergence JAX Coworking helps folks connect and collaborate

Small businesses in Jacksonville, Florida now have a dedicated space to work without having to commit to permanent office space.

As the landscape of work continues to change, so does the employers’ relationship with office space. At Coworks, we see the trend shifting even more as companies with leases on large commercial office spaces rethink how to use it — and for whom it works best.

Remote work is here to stay and Convergence Employee Leasing in Jacksonville, FL saw the same patterns. The PEO (Professional Employer Organization) has operated for 16 years and in 2020, they decided to build upon the adjoining lot next to their building. 

An exact replica of the Employee Leasing building was created with a vision to provide a workspace for their Employee Leasing clients and any other locals that needed a space to work. Through COVID, material, and labor shortages, Convergence JAX Coworking kicked off 2022 with a grand opening.

A day in the life of Convergence JAX Coworking

The day starts around 7am, when the on-site cafe, The Grind Cafe, starts brewing coffee and putting out the pastries for the day. Members trickle in throughout the morning and find their own little nooks to work in, whether that be on a quiet couch in the corner, a private cubicle, or at one of the group tables for collaborative working. 


“The ideal tenant is someone that needs an ongoing place to work because their home is not conducive to a productive working environment,” said Office Adminstrator Madison Wilson. “Typically, this is a one or two-person company or startup in a variety of fields such as marketing, web development, consultants, health or life coaches, or someone working at a large company where that company no longer offers the ability to work in the office. Some of our current members include health, consulting, real estate, financial services, architecture, event companies, and mortgage companies.”   

Wilson says she finds that the most exciting aspect of coworking as a whole: the community.

“Our coworking operation creates a space where people can interact with workers in all different kinds of businesses throughout the course of their work day. Something they would not be able to do if they were working in a traditional office environment.”

How Convergence JAX Coworking delivers on the future of work

This concept of the #futureofwork is rising in importance and central to the conversation around what we mean by ‘office’ and how folks will approach return, remote, or a hybrid solution. Coworking spaces like Convergence JAX Coworking offer a critical, third path that employers and employees can benefit from.

“To us, the future of work is a time when people will have the flexibility to choose a coworking environment that is close to their home and that fits their tastes rather than being forced to commute a long distance or to work in an environment that is not conducive to the way they work best,” Wilson said.

The people of Jacksonville, Florida, have an exciting option for how, when, and where they work. And we’re thrilled they chose Coworks coworking software for their operation!

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