Coworking Battles COVID

While it’s great that people are staying safe at home, unfortunately, this has a trickle-down effect. Many, if not most small businesses—including coworking spaces—are either heavily reduced or forced to close their doors. Our economy is taking a major hit, and it’s hard to imagine when our lives will return to ‘normal’.

On The Brighter Side

We are seeing many people come together to help. From making masks and other personal protective equipment, to Fortune-500 companies donating millions to the COVID-19 pandemic, people and businesses are doing what they can. For some, that might be as simple as making funny videos and sharing laughs, and distracting us from the new norms of life and its many uncertainties.

In an article from WRAL Tech Wire, we see how Murphy’s Naturals—a company that usually makes insect repellent—has begun producing hand sanitizer to increase supply levels during the COVID pandemic. In other news, Cincinnati startups have collaborated with one another to make masks. Even Coworks, a Raleigh-based tech startup realized they could do their part.


How Coworks Is Getting Involved

In widening their horizon, Coworks is leveraging its software to help some of the people hit the hardest during COVID—hospitals. While the Coworks app is intended to manage coworking spaces, the platform is now being offered at hospitals to improve communication channels among staff. For more information, check out this article here: How Hospitals Can Leverage Coworks During COVID-19.

These are just a few examples of many around the nation. Instead of sitting around and doing nothing, these businesses are collaborating in a beautiful way that is not only creative, but selfless. We can all chip in, and if you’re unsure of where to get started, check out a few of the articles linked below and find out how you can help too.

Stay tuned for more updates on how businesses and coworking spaces alike are taking part to fight in the battle against COVID.


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