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Creative and free marketing hacks for your coworking space

Marketing usually take 2 forms: organic or paid. Here are ideas for organic promotion of your coworking space that only cost a bit of time and effort.

Put Google to work 

Google likes to eat its own dog food, for lack of a better turn of phrase. So as your potential members go online to search for coworking options or office space, Google will prioritize content on its own platforms, from Maps to Reviews to Business Listings. So make sure you take full ownership and advantage of everything Google has with the Google Business Profile.

You can use the Google Maps app to manage your Business Profile on your mobile device. On your desktop, you can manage the profile for your coworking space directly from Google Search in the browser.

First, try to see what your prospects will see.

Open a ‘guest’ or ‘incognito’ window in your browser and start searching the way potential members might search, using phrases such as:

Coworking near me

Coworking spaces

Office rentals in [town]

How to rent an office

Shared workspace

Small business resources

Claim your Google Maps listing:

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. In the search bar, enter the business name.
  3. Click the business name and choose the correct one.
  4. Click Claim this business   Manage now.
    • To choose a different business, click I own or manage another business.
  5. Select a verification option, and follow the on-screen steps.

Ask for and respond to reviews

Start with your current coworking space members. Send an announcement or newsletter out and ask for reviews. Provide some incentive — maybe every review gets entered into a drawing or receives a promotion through your social channels.

Then be sure to respond to each and every review of your coworking space. This seems like extra work, but anyone who is reading the reviews will see how involved and engaged you are with your coworking space members. And if anyone actually provides a less than stellar review, you’ll have a chance to remedy the situation or address it directly, hopefully improving their response.

Make sure to embed those reviews on your website. Depending how your web site is built, there are widgets, APIs, and other plug-ins that will automatically feed reviews to your site as they refresh.

Add and update your photos 

Upload as many photos as you can of your coworking space, from the front of the building, the entryway, the hot desks, the conference rooms, private offices and more. 

But it isn’t a set it and forget it tactic. Keep adding event photos, closeups of cool fixtures, holiday decorations, even a screenshot of your space on Google Maps.

Promote your coworking space’s walkability score

Coworking spaces are often in more dense business districts, if not urban areas. If your space is easy to access by foot or bike, promote it!

Walkscore is an integration partner with real estate web sites and rental agencies, but the data can help serve your coworking space as well. Simply enter your coworking space address and find out how your area ranks for walkability, bikeability, and more.

You can pay to embed the data or simply take a screenshot of the results.

Tap into your local Economic Development Directory

Your community should already be a rich source of marketing and engagement for your coworking space. You can do that by partnering with local businesses, being part of your Chamber of Commerce, or reaching out to a local University or entrepreneurship program.

But chances are your region has several bodies that focus on planning and development for the area, and understanding their goals can help you plan your own. Who are they looking to attract and serve? What businesses are they hoping to grow and where?

Find your local Economic Development department or Regional Council and make some very well-connected, well-informed allies that will help shape your outreach.

These organizations collect and analyze information about the broader region and other markets. This can include:

  • Top/fastest growing employment sectors
  • Cost of doing business (corporate tax rates, median wages, utility costs)
  • Workforce (unemployment rate, educational attainment, in-migration rates)
  • Livability (housing costs, dining and entertainment options, outdoor recreation)
  • Connectivity (transportation infrastructure, airport destinations)

Not only can your local economic development organization be a resource of information, but they might be a resource for business.

These bodies often host informative sessions or programs and may need to leverage your space for those events. Just another way that partnership can be valuable for both entities.


Economic Development Directory

Community Action Partnership

National Association of Regional Councils

Turn your coworking space into a film location

Commercials, television shows, and films all need places to shoot scenes in offices and conference rooms all the time. Why not your coworking space? 

In order for a location scout to find you, it’s helpful to understand how your local municipality approaches film productions – do they offer incentives? Do they even make it worth the time and money to shoot there on location? 

You can earn between $1000 to $5000 per day as a location, usually calculated off your monthly mortgage.

One option is to register your space on Locations Hub so it’s easier to find. You can also do direct outreach to local film production companies with information about your space and how to contact you about booking it for locations.

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