Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight and the hurricane

When the power went out and the winds died down, this coworking space in San Juan, Puerto Rico stepped up to serve the community.

Coworks Case Studies

Birch Road and the art of gathering

Birch Road isn’t your typical coworking space. It’s a neighborhood social club, where coworking is just one of the options.

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

Humility, collaboration, and growth at Refinery46

Refinery46 is a unique coworking space in Indianapolis, established to support small business owners and entrepreneurs in the home services trades.

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

A coworking and creative playground at Guild Row

Guild Row uses Coworks to manage 12,000 sq. ft. of space, communicate with over 450 members, and promote their eclectic and dynamic schedule of...

Coworks Case Studies

Hot desks to hot stoves: coworking and kitchens

Jason Johnson and HUBB Kitchens serve restaurant owners, chefs, food trucks, farmers, bakers, instructors, and culinary arts classes and workshops.

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

The Lola: for and by womxn

At The Lola, the culture drives the choices that the founders made, from the space to the types of members who join.

Cool Coworking Space Spotlight

CoworkHERS: busting more than glass ceilings

CoworkHERS opened in Portland, Maine in 2017. The zeitgeist of the moment aligned with the mission: the potential for the country’s first female...


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