Coworking Influencer

Coworking Influencer

Email marketing for coworking spaces

Jake Bolling of outlines strategies and best practices get the right message to the right person at the right time.

Coworking Influencer

Digital advertising for coworking spaces

Jake Bolling of knows his way around digital ad campaigns for coworking spaces. Here, he shares his insights.

Coworking Influencer

Q&A with Cat Johnson of Coworking Convos

We asked the marketing maven 7 questions, and she did not disappoint with her answers about coworking, new marketing tactics, and the exciting future...

Coworking Influencer

SEO basics for coworking spaces

Meet Jake Bolling of CoworkingSEO, helping operators expand their reach and drive leads to fill their space.

Coworking Influencer

What’s a coworking alliance?

Craig Baute and Katharine Chestnut are two coworking operators in different cities who did the same thing: they started coworking alliances.

Coworking Influencer

5 coworking space blogs to follow

Here are 5 of our favorite coworking space blogs, communities, groups, and newsletters to make it that much easier to grow your coworking business.

Coworking Influencer

Spacefully delivers coworking leads everyday

Spacefully helps coworking space streamline their digital marketing and optimize their web sites to drive leads and convert prospects into members.


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