The Future of Work Roadshow launches on International Coworking Day

Starting on International Coworking Day, Coworks CEO DeShawn Brown and Coworking NC founder Clark Rinehart will visit coworking spaces around NC.

Coworking as we know it can be traced to a quiet August afternoon back in 2005, when Brad Neuberg was having a bad day.

So much has changed since then. But through the 20+ years, many aspects of coworking remain steady, including a strong spirit of community and an ‘all boats rise’ philosophy across the board.

Today we launch the Future of Work Roadshow to celebrate coworking and explore its evolution

Starting on this auspicious International Coworking Day, Coworks CEO DeShawn Brown and Coworking NC founder Clark Rinehart will be taking it to the streets, visiting coworking spaces that reflect the various shapes, sizes, missions, and member-models of the industry.

They’ll sit down with founders, operators, community managers, and members for some candid conversations and a ‘boots-on-the-ground’ perspective, as well as a vision for what’s next. 

“The roadshow started as a way to check in on local coworking spaces, and see how they were doing after a year of lock down. But in talking with DeShawn, we saw it becoming something bigger,” Rinehart said.

“The next chapter of coworking is being written right now,” added Brown. “These businesses are on the frontlines of the new way to work, as companies explore more flexible, remote, and hybrid options and commercial real estate understands space-as-a-service. I’m excited to shine a light on operations that have a vision for the future.”

So stay tuned for the first episode of the Future of Work Roadshow!

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